Do you have questions or need help?

We are happy to help you! But please note that we provide a optimized process for contacting us in order to improve our productivity and response time.
An important information in advance: we do not provide support by phone to customers who need help with free products like Webspace Sponsored.
For this we have developed our ticket system for you. Calls or voice messages will therefore not be processed.

Premium Phone Service

Our premium phone service is for all customers who have an active paid subscription with

This is how easy it is to reach us by phone:

  1. Write down your 5-digit customer number before calling.
  2. Make sure that you do not call with a suppressed number
  3. Call the Premium Support Hotline below
  4. After the beep, state your first- and last name - then your customer number
  5. When you have given this information, describe your question or problem.
  6. Then hang up - in a short time you will receive a call back from a support employee
    (who has your information ready and can immediately help you with your request).


This is the phone number where you can reach the Premium Phone Service:

+49 6431-902-993-1

(local rate, calls from outside Germany may be more expensive!).


Opening hours:

Monday through Sunday from 10:00 - 21:00


We would like to point out again that this phone number does NOT apply to Sponsored Offers!
please DO NOT expect a RETURN CALL! Contact us via the ticket system in the dashboard!

Emergency Support Email

(If the ticket system is not available!)

You can also reach us via email - but it is important that you only use this email
if you cannot reach the ticket system (e.g. due to active maintenance):