Frequently asked questions

PHP settings

We offer a wide range of PHP versions.


We now only offer support for PHP 5.6.40 - Please note that we can no longer recommend this version for use, as it has various security vulnerabilities and performance issues. Please use PHP 5 only for test systems or if you want to upgrade an old system.


PHP 7.0.X (Outdated / not recommended)
PHP 7.1.X
PHP 7.2.X
PHP 7.3.X
PHP 7.4.X - We recommend using PHP 7.4 - If your CMS does not support it yet, you can switch to 7.3 or lower.


Please note, that not every CMS is compatible with PHP 8 allready. It will take some time to support it, Stay at 7.3 or 7.4 if you are not sure, that your program will run on it!

Keep in mind, that in Free Hosting only the version and not the parameters can be adjusted.

Here you can find the PHP parameters for our Hosting plans:

  • PHP version: 5, 7 or 8
  • memory_limit: 64MB (Please contact support if you need more!)
  • max_execution_time: 60 seconds
  • max_input_time: 60 seconds
  • post_max_size: 16 MB
  • upload_max_filesize: 16 MB
  • display_errors: Off (Can be enabled in Plesk panel!)
  • short_open_tag: Off (Can be enabled in Plesk panel!)
  • opcache.enable: Enabled

Domain management questions

With these simple steps you can add your own domain to your hosting plan:

  1. Log in to the Plesk Panel with your credentials
  2. Switch to the subscription view
  3. Now click on Hosting settings
  4. Under Domain name you can enter your own domain

Important: You must first connect the domain with your provider to our server.

The IP address of the webspace server is:

Yes! You can use up to 5 email accounts for free, each with 200MB of storage.
When you have a paid plan, you have unl. email account with unlimited storage!

Please contact our support for this - they will need to check the domain and add the "Free Email Accounts" addon to your Plesk subscription.
When you have a paid subscription, you have this option allready activated.

If you want to set up your account in Outlook, etc., please read the FAQ article about email settings


My account

  1. You need to create an account first. Once you have verified your email address, you can click "Activate now" in your dashboard.
  2. Now fill the form with your personal information. Don't worry, this data will not be shared with any third parties!
  3. Now select your desired domain name and check your entries once again.
  4. After you have registered the web space, you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours. You can then view your access data in the customer area.

Currently many users are registering, so it may take a little longer to activate your free web space. We ask for your patience!

The easiest way is to send a short message as a ticket to the support in your dashboard. With this way, everything can be initiated directly and we will remove all data from our databases as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, you can (If available) remove your account under "Settings". This step is only possible if you have cancelled all subscriptions and the expiration period is over.

First of all, you should check whether the blocking was legitimate. We also make mistakes and are here for you if you think that the web space was blocked without any reason. Just contact our support. In some cases we also open our own tickets. You can then simply reply to the mail you received regarding the blocking notification.

Also check if your blocking was carried out due to non-compliance with our web space rules or other specifications. If this is the case, there is unfortunately nothing we can do for you. We have clear rules and if they are not followed, we have to take strict action.

United-Hosting performs routine checks. If your web space is conspicuous (extremely high traffic, hidden store pages, etc.), it will also be automatically screened by our review system. However, a blocking is always carried out by the administrator or moderator.

If no solution is found within a certain period of time with the owner of the webspace, the webspace and account will be completely removed from our servers and backups and the user will be locked out of our website.

Very easy! If you are still interested in the webspace, just write us a message via the support system and we will extend the free webspace for another year for you for free.

The 12 months are there so we can save disk space. Many people register for a web space but then do not use it for the entire term. This is storage that we could provide to other users who really need it.

There are no costs associated with the Free Webspace package.

Rating system

We first had a self-developed rating system. However, this method was too intransparent for us, so we switched to Google Reviews. If you have a Google account, you can rate our company via Google.


You can find a link here



When you create a web space at (no matter if Free or Premium) an SSL-certificate will be created automatically.

The SSL certificate is generated via Let`s Encrypt and is always valid for 90 days.
After this time the server automatically regenerates a new one.

If you have set up your own domain, you need to create a new certificate:

  1. Login to your Plesk account
  2. Switch to the subscription view
  3. Go to the "SSL/TLS Certificates" item
  4. Click on "Reissue certificate" in the upper left corner
  5. Enter all the necessary information and check if the new domain is already registered.
  6. Then click on "Use for free" to renew the certificate

Please note: Not all domain extensions are supported for SSL/TLS. Free domains may not be able to be set up!

This can have two reasons:

  1. You have set up your own domain and have not yet (re)set up the Let'sEncrypt certificate in Plesk.
  2. Your web space has been created recently. With high traffic volume this can take up to 24 hours.

If you have any other questions about Certificates, you can contact our support team.

Email hosting

If you have Mail Hosting enabled in your subscription, you can use Email Hosting.
Here you can find the settings for Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.


Default server for incoming messages: or (depends on your webspace domain name).


Default server for outgoing messages: or (depends on your webspace domain name).


Ports for POP3

  • TCP 110
  • TCP 995

Encryption method: Automatic


Ports for IMAP

    TCP 143
    TCP 993

Encryption method: Automatic


Ports for SMTP

    TCP 25
    TCP 465


Login for SMTP, IMAP and POP3 .eu) -> Server remains or!


...However you are limited with the free plan. We have set a daily limit for sending mails to 50 - Receiving mails is not limited.

If this limit is exceeded several times, we automatically block the email function for the plan.

If you have your own domain, you can either use an external mail server or the limited free plan.

Important: All paid plans have no limits.

Security questions

We incrementally backup the entire web server every half day. Once a week a full backup is created

The backups are kept on 2 different systems for atleast 4 weeks and then savely deleted.

In this time you can ask for a recovery of an backup.

We recommend that before you make any changes to your system - you back it up first.

You can do that by logging into your Plesk Account and clicking on the right menu on "Backup Manager". Keep in mind, that backup space is the same space as your webspace and will be limited to your webspace quota!

You can retrieve your backup up to 2 weeks later. Please contact our support for this purpose.

Your personal data is stored by us with the latest security standards and policies.n our backups are encrypted and only readable by the desired webserver itself. We can`t even view or alter the user database without providing fingerprint authorization. Every change is documented by a security system, running on all Plesk servers we have.

Passwords are hashed with the latest standard set by PHP. Thus, only you know your password and if someone gains unauthorized access to our user database, he can not read the password (Neither we can).

Please make sure to choose a secure password! The longer the password is, the longer it takes to crack it.

You should use at least 8 characters, lower and upper case letters with special characters and numbers.

Try out the security of your password at
Check if you data was compromised on

Since is hosted from Germany, we are of course also subject to the German Data Protection Act.

We do not give any information to any authority before we have discussed it with our lawyers.

If we are forced to do so, we will have to fulfill our duties as a hoster.
(But every hoster does that anyway, even if they always say "We don't log anything...")

If we do not do this, we make ourselves liable to prosecution.

The situation is different in the case of a rule violation: If the content on your webspace violates our rules or German law, we will also cooperate with authorities.

About us

Our small team of freetime developers has been around since 2016. Lukas Dörr - founder of this project launched in December 2017. End of 2021, was renamed to First registered as a small business and for professional hosting and since the beginning of 2020 as a free provider without business - so as a private person.

The question is asked more often and the answer is quite simple: Not at all.

I come from the days of "PHP Friends", the guys made me start with software development back then.

Now I work in Frankfurt in an internet agency and earn my living with it. Costs for a co-location and electricity in Munich I pay from my own money or from the paid subscriptions - like "PHP Friends" did back then.

But don't worry, the server is always paid for at least one year in advance (it's cheaper) - so even if this project should end someday (and it won't for now), the server will still run for a whole year. offers its users the highest security standards.

This starts with the customer database: your data is encrypted (as it is said) with "Military Grade Encryption".
Only you know your password - we only see a gibberish of numbers and special characters in the database.

All your transactions and data are transferred via secure SSL encryption rounded off with the latest technology standards of Plesk you are completely secured on our side.

However, please make sure to use a secure password anyway. Because no password is safe from being cracked if you can guess it!

Plesk has been with us since the beginning as an administration interface.

The big advantage is: automatic security updates, always being up to date with the software and of course the maintainability.

We have written our own scripts and programs that communicate with the Plesk XML API.
Through this interface we can quickly and easily manage our customers and activate their packages as well as providing the web space.

But the best thing about it is still the pricing policy - while Plesk is still very moderate with the prices, other providers have completely exaggerated prices.

Do you have any further questions?

No problem! Just write us your questions in your dashboard. If we receive the question more often, it will end up in this FAQ!