Information about Migration from Server to

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Not only the name but also the Plesk server will change and with it the IP address where you have to change your domain.

All data was transferred on 13.04.2022, if you made any changes to your webspace after this time, you have to manually copy the data from the old server.

All free users with the subdomains *, * and * do not have to do anything. The webspaces incl. subdomains have already been transferred and are live.

Also the Premium customers (who have signed a service contract with us) have already been migrated successfully and the domains have been moved.

For all of you who have set your domain to a free hosting from UH you have to change the A-Record to the new IP: In case you have a package with mail server, the MX record has to be pointed to

If you have any questions, please contact our ticket system in your dashboard.
For this case we also allow support via our mail address to