Dear Customers! has been renamed to!

If your domain still points to the old server, please follow the information from this article.

We are taking this step because we want to do more than just hosting - but of course hosting should remain a part of our business. Besides, the old name was too easily associated with United Hosting Germany and every little website jumped on it. Unfortunately, there is nothing in these blog posts about the fact that UH Deutschland should not be compared with
For those who haven't caught it yet, here's a short summary:

A few years after the launch of a scammer stole our name and called himself United-Hosting Germany. This person then wrote fake invoices - and not a very little amount. A few days after we got to know about it, we got several calls from companies, private persons and even lawyers.

At some times, our website was even completely blocked on Google, because people simply didn't understood the difference. In addition, there was a wave of blog posts from a very large number of sites that warned about these fake invoices, in some cases even some of the sites referred to our domain - This is not only poorly researched, but also defamation if these authors did not adjust the blog post after our request to point out that it is NOT us.

In the beginning, if you googled, you would find our free hosting offer and many review posts - today you will find only warnings and posts, because of these fake invoices.

This issue has cost us so many headaches and long explanation phone calls so we decided to change our name.

But the important thing is, we stick to our principles and offer you hosting and our new products as a basic package completely free of charge again.

So, if you are reading this message, you are no longer a client, but a client. Click on the Dashboard menu item and log in as usual with your account.

Our new big thing will be SaaS or: "Software as a Service".

Among other things, our small team develops almost daily on various interfaces. For example, we have already started at the time of UH with an IP-API. This is now mature enough that we can not only get IP information, but also domain information, like DNS entries and even a fraud score. All information is cached so that the next request works faster. But since the Fraud Score can always change, it is reset and redefined every 30 days. You can use this comprehensive API completely free of charge - for free use you will get 10,000 queries / month.

Another service will be the SMSVerifyMe API. It serves developers a verification method via phone number. Easy implementation in new or already existing systems is provided. With this tool you can make sure, for example, that a registration is actually a real user. In this API is for example also a fraud check, we currently check over 300 sites for their phone numbers, mainly "Free SMS Receive" services. This gives another security and blocks numbers based on such a service.

There are many other projects on the way to release, but for now we don't want to overwhelm you with the scope of our relaunch.

We would like to thank over 2000 satisfied customers (free or not) for their loyalty and support. And of course we hope to welcome you in the future as well.

Kind regards,

Your Team