Your secret is yours, not anyone else`s

With our openly developed tool "Text Burner" you can distribute texts, so-called "Pastes".  When creating the pastes, the text is saved with a key.

As soon as this key is called once, the text is no longer available.  Either deleted or deactivated - you can decide.

Send the generated link to the recipient, but make sure that the link is not opened before. Once opened, there is no way to access the content anymore.

We have decided to provide this tool completely free of charge. Either use our hosted version (Free and hosted by us) or download the tool and deploy it yourself on your web server.


Benefits of TextBurner

Actively maintained

You have customizations or want to contribute to the tool? Then you can register on Github and create a pull request!

Easy to modify

We have taken care to keep the code as simple as possible. Modify the code according to your needs, but don't forget to keep the copyright notice!

Host it yourself

You can simply download the tool and host it yourself on a server or your web space. Just check the system requirements below.

System requirements

To use this tool, you have to fulfill these requirements:

that's it!




Download or Try

You will be redirected to

Click here to download


You can also use the demo here:

Click here to check the demo